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Putut Widjanarko, Ph.D


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Working Experience

  1. President Director, Mizan Productions (the co-producer of Laskar Pelangi)

  2. Vice President Operation, Mizan Publika (A Holding Company), January 2007-present.

  3. Managing Director, Mizan Publishing House, January 1998-2001.

  4. Director, Online Bookstore (a subsidiary of Mizan Group), July 2000-August 2001.

  5. General Manager of Editorial and Production, Mizan Publishing House, July 1993-December 1997.

  6. Marketing Research Executive, Survey Research Indonesia (now AC Nielsen Indonesia), October 1991-june 1993.


  1. Ph.D in Mass Communications, School of Media Arts and Studies, Scripp College of Communication, Ohio University, 2007. Dissertation: HOMELAND, IDENTITY AND MEDIA: A STUDY OF INDONESIAN TRANSNATIONAL MUSLIMS IN NEW YORK CITY

  2. M.A in Media Studies, School of Telecommunications, College of Communication, Ohio University, 2003. Thesis: MAPPING NOTIONS OF CYBERSPACE: OPTIMISM, SKEPTICISM, AND THE ISSUES OF IDENTITY AND SPIRITUALITY

  3. Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Bandung (Bandung Graduate School of Management \), Indonesia, Degree \: Master in Management, 1997.
  4. Department of Physycs Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, degree: Sarjana Pertama (S1), 1990


  1. Salam Institute for Peace and Justice Fellowship, 2005-2006.

  2. Research Assistant Scholarship, Ohio University, 2003-2006
  3. Indonesia Cultural Foundation Scholarship, 2003-2004, 2004-2005, 2005-2006.
  4. Fulbright Scholarship, 2001-2003.


Society for Satelite Professional International, PBI Media Award, for may paper titled "Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony via Satelite," June 2002.


Papers presented inconferences

  1. Indonesian Muslims in New York City: A Transnational Community in the Making?" Presented at the Conference of Muslim Peacebuilding, Justice, and Interfaith Dialogue (MPJID. April 28-19, 2006. American University, Washington DC.

  2. Imagining the Homeland: Blogs and Identity Expression of Indonesia Sojourners," presented in Regenerations: New Leaders, New Vision in Southeast Asia Conference, Yale University, November 11-12, 2005.
  3. Embracing the New Homeland: Abdul Rahman Baswedan and Indonesian-Arab Nationalism," Presented in Crossroads of Faith: Religious Resurgence and New Religious Movements in Southeast Asia Conference, Ohio University, March 4-5, 2005.
  4. "Gaul tapi Islami: The Rise of Popular Islamic Literature in Indonesia," Presented in the 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, San Diego, March 4-7, 2004.
  5. " The Japanese-comic-book Style for the Prophet Muhammad's Life Story, Why Not? How an Indonesia Islamic Publisher Responds to the Need of Muslim Children in a Globalized World," Presented in Children and Islam: Faith and Social Change in Africa and Southeast Asia Conference, Ohio University, April 10-12, 2003.
  6. "Ushering a New Generation: Islamic Book Publishing and Islamic Sphere in Indonesia," presented in the 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Asia Studies, New York, March 27-30, 2003.
  7. "Banal Nationalism in Indonesin Online Media," presented in the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, Wittenberrg University, Springfield, OH, September 27-29, 2002.
  8. "Secondary Orality and Indonesia National Identity in the Electronic Age," presented in the Student Conference on Identity and Change in Southeas Asiam Northern Illinois University, March 2, 2002.
  9. "Indonesia Publishing Industry at Glance," presnted in the African Publishing Network Conference, Kampala, Uganda, October 1999.

Published Book

Elegi Gutenberg: Memposisikan Buku di Era Cyberspace (The Gutenberg Elegies: The Book Culture in Cyberspace Era), Mizan, May 2000. An anthology of my 52 articles from the weekly column in the Sunday edition of Republika, the leading Islamic newspaper in Indonesia.


Selected Unpublished Papers


  1. “Messages from the ‘Older Brother:’ Djawa Baroe and the Japanese Propaganda, 1943-1945,” Winter 2004

  2. “The Battle for the Muslims’ Vote: An Analysis of Two Muslims’ Websites Supporting the United States Presidential Candidates,” Fall 2004.

  3. “The Tales of Two Websites: Comparing the Rhetoric of Indonesian and the US Broadcast TV Station’s Homepage,” Fall 2003.

  4. “Increasingly Virtual Communities: How Communication Technologies Constantly Redefine Social Relationships,” Spring 2003.

  5. “Reputation System: Building Trust in the Online Universe,” Spring 2003.

  6. “Copyright and Publishing Industry on the Crossroad of the Information Age,” Spring 2002.

  7. “On Being ‘the Other’,” Winter 2002.

  8. “Al-Jazeera and the Emerging of Public Sphere in the Middle East,” Winter 2002.

  9. “The Decline of Southeast Asian Economic Boom in the 16th Century,” Fall 2001.


Selected Published Articles in Indonesia Language

  1. Ganyang Malaysia dan Nasionalisme Banal [Crush Malaysia and Banal Nationalism], Op-ed in Kompas (the largest daily newspaper in Indonesia), May 2, 2005.

  2. Senjakalanya Budaya Baca [The Dawn of Reading Habits], Kompas, May 2001.

  3. Ketakcerdasan Emosional Pemerintahan Habibie [The Emotional Un-Intelligence of the Habibie’s Government], Ummat, May, 1999

  4. Indonesia Minus Prinsip Sibernetika [Indonesia Minus Cybernetic Principles], Ummat, April 1998.

  5. Theory of Everything, Mungkinkah? [The Theory of Everything: Is it Possible?] Ummat, June 1996.

  6. Perpustakaan Elektronik dan Prospek Buku [Electronic Libraries and the Future of Books], Republika, November 1995.

  7. Juru Selamat itu Bernama Teknologi? [Is the Savior Called Technology?], Republika, October 1995.

  8. Bahaya Mengintai di Balik Cyberspace [Dangers Are Lurking in the Cyberspace], Republika, June 1995.

  9. Krisis Ekologi, Tantangan bagi Agama-agama [The Ecological Crises: Challenges to the Religions], Kompas, April 1993.

  10. Gigatrend, Vektotrend, dan Indotrend, Pikiran Rakyat, August 1990

Selected Unpublished Articles (usually presented in seminars in Indonesia)

  1. Menjadi Penulis/Pengarang Buku, Mengapa Tidak? [To Be Book Authors: Why Not?] August 1999.

  2. Industri Buku Menghadapi Zaman Cyberspace [Book Industry Faces the Cyberspace Era], June 1996.

  3. Cyberspace dan Kita [The Cyberspace and Us], January 1995.

  4. Copyright dan Beberapa Permasalahannya dalam Dunia Perbukuan [Copyrights and Some Issues in the Book Industry], February 1994.


  1. Board of Trustee, Yayasan Media Ramah Keluarga (Family-Friendly Media Foundation), 1998-2001

  2. Board of Trustee, Forum Lingkar Pena, an organization of Muslim young-writers in Indonesia, 2001-present.

  3. Head of Research and Development, The Indonesian Publishers Association, 1998-August August 2001.


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