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Paramadina Graduate School of Diplomacy (PGSD) is a "home" for anyone engaging in global activities, ranging from business to diplomatic areas. PGSD aims at supporting renewed vision and approach for diplomacy across countries, sectors, and interests.

PGSD offers a Master degree program in diplomacy. With intensive 3 (three) semesters program (including thesis writing), PGSD equips students with comprehensive understanding of the existing  concepts and  practices of diplomacy, policies process  including the influencing factors that shaped them, and the soft-skills to develop new approaches to diplomacy. PGSD nurtures diplomats in the broad sense -- those who would enjoy working for state institutions, for global business, for international organizations, or for the media.



Distinct approach at PGSD

  • Policy-oriented approach with emphasis on political economy. PGSD focuses on becoming the center of political economy study in Asia, especially Indonesia. Given that Asian countries are endowed with rich natural resources and for decades have been the targets of foreign investments, such center will have a strategic role.
  • Class material responding to practical needs. Course materials are up-dated regularly by experts in the field (including senior state diplomats, practitioners and entrepreneurs) to mirror the latest development in the field and to anticipate the future trend. Practitioners are scheduled to share first-hand experiences with the students, enabling students to relate the theories they learn in the classroom with the real world.
  • Active learning. Learning that taps on students' knowledge and stimulates innovation is applied in all classes. With maximum class size of 30 students, this strategy will work effectively.
  • Network development. PGSD facilitates contacts, mentorship/internship programs with successful state or non-state diplomats in all fields.
  • Support for faculty and students to collaborate for research and for professional development.

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