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DINNA WISNU, Ph. D (  Founder )













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Paramadina Graduate School Campus The Energy 22nd Floor, SCBD Lot 11 A, Jl. Jend Sudirman 52-53 Jakarta, Indonesia






She co-founded the first graduate school of diplomacy in Indonesia at Paramadina University, “Paramadina Graduate School of Diplomacy”. At Paramadina University, she serves as the Director of Paramadina Graduate School of Diplomacy & Director of Paramadina Graduate Schools (managing the business unit of Paramadina University).

Her area of specialization is international political economy, with focus on social welfare policies, the political economy of development, labor and industrial relations, also diplomacy. She has conducted research, advised stakeholders (including government entities and international organizations), and published extensively on the area of social protection. Her research on social protection has been published in the US, South Korea, Indonesia and presented on international seminar in Japan,Thailand, Australia and US. As an academic, Dinna had been invited to teach some topic of lectures in SunKyun Hwan University and Sogang University in South Korea, Spelman College in Atlanta USA, the Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Bank of Indonesia, particularly on the topic of international political economy and diplomacy.

She writes regularly on newspapers (Seputar Indonesia every Wednesday on page 1, the Jakarta Post, Kompas and as requested by local & foreign media), speaks on TV and radios on topics related to international political economy and diplomacy, also quoted on various international media such as China’s People Daily, the Associated Press, Channel News Asia, etc.





2012 International Training on Social Protection: Costing and Beyond, organized by the ILO and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. 14-19 October 2012.

2007 PhD in Political Science, The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, US). Major in Comparative Politics, Minor in Political Economy. Dissertation: Governing Social Security: Economic Crisis and Reform in Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

2005 MA in Political Science, The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, US). Major in Comparative Politics, Minor in Political Economy.

1999 Bachelor Degree in Political Science from the Department of International Relations, University of Indonesia (Depok, Indonesia).



AWARDS & Fellowships


2014 Travel Grant from Association of Asian Studies in US to present paper on comparative social protection transformation at the 2014 Conference of Association of Asian Studies in Philadelphia.

2014 Visiting Fellow at Indonesia Project, Australia National University, 27 January – 23 February.

2006 Winning among the best graduate student papers at Princeton University, thus getting published in the monograph. “Risks and Social Protection in Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore”. In Bridging Disciplines, Spanning the World: Approaches to Inequality, Identity and Institutions. Princeton: Princeton Institute for International and Regional Affairs.

2005 Research Grant from Sigma Xi, The Ohio State University

2005 Travel Grant from The Ohio State University.

2005 Travel Grant from Princeton University.

2005 Research Fellow at CIDS and Department of Political Science of University of Philippines Diliman

2005 Research Fellow at Center for Strategic International Studies, Jakarta

2005 Research Fellow & publishing grant from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Jakarta – a pocket book for workers in two languages on “One Step of Social Security Reform in Indonesia”.

2001-2007 Teaching Associate & Scholarship at the Department of Political Science, The Ohio State University





Director of Paramadina Graduate School of Diplomacy & Director of Paramadina Graduate Schools, University of Paramadina (Jakarta). December 2008 – now.

Consultant, various government projects on social protection or economic development issues (e.g. with Bappenas, TNP2K and GIZ at the Office of Vice President), also with UNESCAP (project on analyzing targeting schemes vs. universal coverage), ILO (project on writing analysis on the impact of 2008 financial crisis, the implementation of BPJS, speaking in tripartite dialogs on social protection and Social Protection Floor), January 2008 – now

Speaker & Moderator, various forums on political economy and diplomacy, January 2008 – now (e.g.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bappenas, Indonesia’s Chamber of Commerce, Training of Directors of Bank of Indonesia, Indonesian Intelligent Unit, Embassy of Spain, Government of China, Ministry of Unification in South Korea, Embassy of Britain, Embassy of Hungary, ICWA, World Bank, IMF, Indian Council on World Affairs & Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and many more)

Deputy Director & Expert on Civil Society, RESPECT Project on Religious and Social Pluralism, Equity and Tolerance by World Learning and USAID. December 2007 – December 2008.

Research Director, CEACoS (Center for East Asia Cooperation Studies) at University of Indonesia. September 2007-December 2008.

Associate & Senior Teaching Assistant Facilitator, Faculty of TA Development at the Ohio State University. 2007.

Program Director for Legislative Program & Women in Politics Program (this is the latest position, I started as Program Assistant and continue to climb up), National Democratic Institute, Indonesia.

Writer & Part-time Journalist, Suara Karya weekly. Topic: human interests and later on political economy.





Index of Support to Small Medium Enterprises from Provincial Governments across Indonesia” (Indeks Keramahan Usaha UKM dari Pemerintah Provinsi di Indonesia) – Team leader in the research project of Paramadina Graduate School with support from Indonesia’s Chamber of Commerce. January 2014 – December 2014.

Evaluation of Social Welfare and Education Policies under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, writing for Indonesia Update of Australia National University, in collaboration with Faisal Basri. Product will be presented in Australia on September 2014 and then published as book chapter by ISEAS Singapore on April 2015.

Implementasi Sistem Jaminan Sosial Nasional: Bukan Soal Keterbatasan Fiskal” (Implementation of National Social Security System: Not about Fiscal Space) Jurnal Analisis Sosial 18 (2): 19-47.

New Perspective for Food Security in ASEAN” – presented in ASEAN-India Delhi Dialogue V, New Delhi, February 19-20, 2013. This paper is part of ongoing research on food security in ASEAN. An Indonesian version of this paper published at Jurnal Politica (journal of Indonesian Parliament) No.4/2013. A summary of this paper is published at the Jakarta Post on March 20, 2013 titled “New Perspective for Food Security and Employment on the Farms in ASEAN”.

Indonesia’s Experience of Moving Towards Universal Coverage: Case Study of PNPM and PKH” – research project funded by UNESCAP. This project is done in tandem with similar topics by 5 researchers in Thailand, China, India, Vietnam and Philippines. The goal of the project is to develop policy tools for policymakers in developing universal coverage of social protection. The project received national feedback in June 2013, and concluded in July 2013.

ASEAN & Maritime Challenges in South China Sea” – a paper prepared for CASS India, due for presentation in June 20, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, now finalized for publication in international journal.

Managing Conflicts in East & Southeast Asia” – published in Strategic Review, January-March 2013 Vol.3 No.1, p.147-154.

Report on Input for BPJS (Social Security Provider) Health and Labour based on series of tripartite dialogs. Funded by the ILO. Disseminated in January 2013 to policymakers, including Ministers and President of the Republic of Indonesia and other stakeholders. A work is being done to incorporate the findings into an English book on Indonesia’s Effort for Reaching Universal Coverage in Social Protection.

Input from Stakeholders for Preparing Rio+20. Funded by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Indonesia. June 8, 2012.

BOOK: Politik Sistem Jaminan Sosial: Menciptakan Rasa Aman dalam Ekonomi Pasar. 2012. Jakarta: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama.

Economic Growth For Everybody, The Jakarta Post 9 Februari 2012

Social Protection Reform in Indonesia”, Asia Journal, January 2012 (published in South Korea, translated into Korean language).

Roadmap of Healthcare Sector Reform. 2009. Collaboration of health practitioners, academicians, pharmacy industry, insurance companies as coordinated by the Center for Strategic International Studies. Result is published as booklet and presented to the Minister of Health and Office of President.

Can Indonesia Use Its Economic Performance as Asset for Diplomacy”. Jurnal Diplomasi (Journal of Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs) 2 (2), 2010.

Inventory of Government Response to Global Financial Crisis of 2008. 2009. Result used by ILO to supply global data of G-20.

Dinamika Pengelolaan Ekonomi Indonesia” (“The Dynamics of Economic Management in Indonesia”) in Dari Columbus Untuk Indonesia: Tribute for R. William Liddle. 2008. Jakarta: Freedom Institute.

Sistem Jaminan Sosial Indonesia: Tunjangan Untuk Siapa?” (Indonesia’s Social Security System: Support for Whom?), Journal of Labor Research SEDANE 4(2), 2008.

Sistem Jaminan Sosial Indonesia: Mengapa Alot?” Kajian (Journal of Indonesia’s National Parliament), September 2008.

Risks and Social Protection in Indonesia, The Philippines and Singapore”. 2006. In Bridging Disciplines, Spanning the World: Approaches to Inequality, Identity and Institutions. Princeton: Princeton Institute for International and Regional Affairs.

One Step of Social Security Reform in Indonesia. 2006. A pocket book for labor in 2 languages. Jakarta: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

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